Know Your Risks
Surviving Wildfire - Actual Experiences; get prepared, stay alive, rebuild your life.....
Linda Masterson knows what its like to flee a wall of flames in the middle of the night.  She escaped with her life and little else when her Colorado home burned to the ground in 2011.  Now she's shifted through information, resources and expert advice from across the country to create a practical handbook that will help homeowners be better prepared if disaster strikes.
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........Philip Connors has spent nearly half of each year in a 7' x 7' fire lookout tower, 10,000 feet above sea level, keeping watch over one of the most fire-prone forests in America. Fire Season is his remarkable reflection on work, untamed fire, our place in the wild................Fire Season is a book to stand the test of time.
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......a first-hand account of this century’s most deadly wildland fire, the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona, taking the lives of 19 elite hotshots within its path....Barely out-running the inferno, the author, DJ Helm, slammed the door in its face, seconds before it began its assault on their home. Watching in disbelief, through black windows, as fire, smoke, and hailing embers enveloped their property, there was nothing they could do but wait it out......
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